Terms & Conditions

Consent & Confidentiality:
You are required to give written consent to a treatment. You may withdraw that consent at any point or terminate your treatment verbally. Your treatment will not be discussed with any third parties. Permission will be sought to write to your GP for all surgical treatments and you are strongly advised to consent, as it is in your best interests for your GP to be aware.

Clinical Variables:
Please note that your expectations and the predicted realistic outcome may be different.
All results vary from client to client and depend on several factors, some of which cannot always be predicted.  The most up-to-date techniques and best practice will be undertaken to help achieve the best possible outcome but please note there can be no guarantees as to the final outcome.

Although rare, some procedures have well documented complications which will be brought to your attention. You may have higher risk factors. These will of course be treated to the best of abilities and knowledge as most complications are managed conservatively. In the very unlikely event of a complication being more serious and you needing further treatments outside the expertise of the practitioner, arrangements will be made for you to be treated in our associated hospitals.

Obligation to treat:
If you wish to have a particular treatment and the practitioner does not believe that treatment is suitable for you or is not in your interest,  the treatment will be declined.

Many clients wish to embark on a course of blended treatments that may take place over many months. You will have your package set out in writing formally, with costs and what is included. The full amount will be payable in advance to the Dr F COSMETICS LONDON and in the very unlikely event of you terminating your treatment, you may forfeit the outstanding sum.

On bookings a fee of £50 is taken in advance of your attendance by Clinica Knightsbridge. The fee of £50 will be redeemable against both surgical and non-surgical treatments. This is non-refundable should you decide to cancel your appointment. If you are unable to attend, we would request as a matter of courtesy, that you inform the Clinic 24hours prior to the appointment and rearrange. The first 15 minutes of your consultation is free. Thereafter it will cost £150. The fee of £150 will be redeemable against both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Refund Policy:
It is not the policy of the Clinica Knightsbridge to make a refund based on the predicted outcome not being achieved. You will only be put forward for treatment if it is assessed there is a good chance that your predicted outcome can be achieved. The practitioner will always aim to work with you and try and fulfil the predicted outcome.
Please do not bring children to the clinic, it is not a suitable environment. Under no circumstances will anyone under 18 be allowed into the clinic setting.