Skin Rejuvenation

Our lasers allow us to treat all skin types quickly and effectively. It works by heating the skin underlying layersto form new collagen for a smoother younger looking skin and silky appearance.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation & Tightning- Aging

The deterioration of biological functions and ability to manage metabolic stress is one of the major consequences of the aging process. Aging is a complex, progressive process that leads to functional and esthetic changes in the skin. This process can result from both intrinsic (i.e. genetically determined), as well as extrinsic processes (i.e. environmental factors). Photoaging is attributed to continuous, long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation of approximately 300–400 nm, either natural or synthetic, on an intrinsically aged skin. The epidermal layer does not contain any blood vessels or nerve endings but melanocytes and basal cells are embedded in this layer. Upon exposure to UVB rays, melanocytes will produce melanin, a pigment that gives the skin its color tone. However, UVB will cause the formation of freckles and dark spots, both of which are symptoms of photoaging. With constant exposure to UVB rays, signs of photoaging might appear and precancerous lesions or skin cancer may develop.

UVA rays are able to penetrate deeper into the skin as compared to UVB rays. Hence, in addition to the epidermal layer, the dermal layer will also be damaged. The dermis is the second major layer of the skin and it comprises collagen, elastin, and extrafibrillar matrix which provides structural support to the skin. However, with constant UVA exposure, the size of the dermis layer will be reduced, thereby causing the epidermis to start drooping off the body. Due to the presence of blood vessels in the dermis, UVA rays can lead to dilated or broken blood vessels which are most commonly visible on the nose and cheeks.

The early symptoms of photoaging includes the following:

• Dyspigmentation and the formation of wrinkles around regions of skin commonly exposed to sun, namely the eyes, mouth and forehead.
• Spider veins on face and neck
• Loss of color and fullness in lips

Symptoms of photoaging attributed to prolonged exposure to UV:

• Wrinkles deepen and forehead frown lines can be seen even when not frowning.
• Telangiectasias (spider veins) most commonly seen around the nose, cheeks and chin.
• Skin becomes leathery and laxity occurs.
• Solar lentigines (age spots) appears on the face and hands.
• Possibly pre-cancerous red and scaly spots (actinic keratoses) appear.
• Cutaneous malignancies


How Does The Laser Work?

The decreasing activity of fibroblasts in connective tissue and the decreasing tightness and thickeness of collagen fibbers in the pappilary dermis are the main causes of skin-aging. The most common skin rejuvenation techniques are based on stimulating a responsive restorative process in the papillary dermis. The Fotona non-invasive Nd:Yag photo-collagen remodelling technique is more appealing because of its low downtime. It is based on the absorption of the laser energy by haemoglobin with partial coagulation of the microvasculature in the papillary dermis and release of inflammatory mediators. The process results in micro-vascular renewing, fibroblast stimulation and new collagen remodelling. The end result will be smoother skin, smaller pore sizes, improved skin Tightness, tone and texture.

Who Is Suitable?

Everyone is suitable and for all Skin Types, both Women and Men above 18 years old. Contraindications are Pregnancy, Active Acne, Roacutane Medication.

How often are the Treatments?

The advised Protocol to achieve dermal rejuvenation is 6 treatments every 4 weeks. During the treatments clients are not advised to have direct sun-exposure up to 2 months after the last treatment. Clients must wear at all times an SPF50.

Is It Safe?

All Laser treatments have been thoroughly studied and FDS approved, so extremely safe. Post care procedures must be taken very seriously to avoid any side-effects.

What To Expect

Smoother and brighter skin with smaller pore sizes, Skin is tighter, more toned and with improved texture. To maintain the collagen in a positive growth phase treatments should be followed up with a maintenance protocol. Wrinkles will continue to varnish over the 12 months after the initial treatment, as the natural rejuvenation process takes course. To increase and sustain the Collagen remodelling we suggest combining the Laser treatments with Radiofrequency especially for more mature skins with a pronounced photo aging and smokers.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation works perfectly with Microdermabrasion ( exfoliates the skin previous the treatment) allowing the Laser beam to work deeper, so treatments become more effective.


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